Uncompromising Standards

Lancaster is developed by VSP Developments, a multi award-winning residential design-build firm, specializing in custom homes and boutique multi-family developments. Projects are distinguished by superior design sophistication and high-quality construction.

VictorEric Group has over 23 years of experience, with 300 homes and 18 development projects built. Their expertise in building design, interior design, landscape design, and construction management results in a rare, holistic approach.


  • Eric Lee VSP Developments, PRINCIPAL DESIGNER

    The Principal and Design Director of VSP Developments is an award-winning builder and designer. His passion and aptitude for building design runs deep—starting with his first Lego set as a toddler, then learning the ropes of his family’s development business, then designing his first house at only 18 years old.

    A self-taught, multidisciplinary designer, Lee is able to pull from a breadth of inspired knowledge and experience, bringing a well-informed, distinctive aesthetic to his projects. He is known for his thoughtful, open, client-centric approach and has been known to become good friends with clients after building their homes.

  • Bruce Vanhunenstijn VSP Developments, DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR

    Responsible for construction operations and logistics at VSP Developments, Vanhunenstijn brings 20 years of construction industry experience to every project. His specialties in plumbing and mechanical systems serve as an important foundation, in concert with his positive attitude and natural proclivity for problem solving.



    Kevin Chen is the Founder and President of KChen Management Construction. He has over 15 years of expertise in the construction industry. KChen Construction provides end-to-end, all-in-one construction management services, assisting clients with simplifying and streamlining the construction and contractor processes. They pride themselves on ensuring clarity and understanding for their clients from beginning to end.

Peony Artist

  • Catherine Goran PHOTOGRAPHER

    Lancaster’s ethereal peony image was captured by Catherine Goron, a professional photographer based in Seattle, Washington. Goron’s artistic aesthetic is inspired by the lyrical power she sees in the everyday and the poetics of nature.

Sales & Marketing

  • Icon&co. Boutique Inc Real estate agency

    Driven by strategic imagination, Icon&co. is a boutique real estate sales and marketing agency that meticulously crafts visually impactful identities, providing a tailored real estate experience for developers and purchasers. From concept to completion, the firm contributes to the rise and success of some of the most highly-regarded real estate projects in Greater Vancouver.

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